Ich habe Nick Miller (Pride) am 23.August 2001 eine E-Mail geschickt, wundert euch bitte nicht wegen der Frage, da zu der Zeit erst die dritte Staffel auf Channel 5 lief. ( für die, die der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig sind, ich habe gefragt ob er ein regulärer charakter in der Serie bleibt)


Hi Nick,

My name is Shari lee an d I live in Germany. I’m watching The Tribe everyday, your charakter just appeard in the series. I’m a big fan of you. Are you a regular member of The Tribe?? (I hope so)

Bye for now




Am 3.Oktober bekam ich folgende Antwort:



Thank you so much for your letter. I Really appreciate the time it took you to write me. I’m yet to tire of receiving mail from fans of the Tribe.

Series 4 is going really well. There are heaps of new characters on the show now and they’re all bringing their own interesting dimensions to the Tribe story. I can’t of course say exactly what is going on, but you’ll find out soon enough anyway. I’m still not accustomed to the early morning starts and probably never will be. Im really enjoying how Pride’s story is unfolding in this series, he’s lost some of the Egolden-boy shine he previously had and is developing more into a real person, a real character.

I recently had my 21st birthday and had a fantastic time with all my friends. I hired out a hotel suite for the event and spend 6 hours beforehand setting up the lights and sound equipment. It was all worth it in the end as all my guests tell me they had an enjoyable and memorable time. I myself DJ’d for part of the night but had to hand the music over to my other DJ friends as the night wore on.

Thanks again fo your correspondence. And keep the dream alive.


Love Nick



(Wer die volle Übersetzung der Mail haben möchte, mailt mir bitte!)


Ich habe noch Mails an James (Jay), Megan (Java), Meryl (Ebony), Caleb (Lex) und  Monique (Siva) geschrieben, bisher aber noch keine Antwort erhalten. Ich halt euch auf dem laufenden!)


Wenn ihr jetzt auf den Geschmack gekommen seid, den Stars auch mal eine E-Mail zu schreiben dann gilt: also Z.B







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